Ok, so you are ready to buy or sell a home and you are thinking that you will save a ton of money by avoiding a real estate broker. You go see a home that looks great and seems to be what you want. So, you try to negotiate the price. Then after you agree on a price you realize that you have a purchase and sale agreement to prepare for signatures of all parties. Then you realize that an average transaction may take up to as many as a dozen separate forms. Then, what about inspections (home, septic, title report and on). What about appraisal? What, you over bid the house? Bottom line is that there are more regulations and laws relating to the transfer of real estate that most all other professions combined. Now, because one 't' was not crossed you are in a disagreement with the other party and now you have no choice but to see a real estate attorney and there goes the savings of money. Worse yet, you bought what you understood was a nice home and it has a ton of hidden structural issues, covenants that prohibit you from having a pet, or one of a million things that you do not like. To avoid the pitfalls if you are selling, hire an experienced professional. If you are buying, even a for sale by owner, seek a buyer's agency with a seasoned professional. Your satisfaction matters. I can offer over 36 years of experience and knowledge. I am also a  Certified Residential Specialist and less than 20% of the Brokers nation wide have earned his designation.