Ok, so now you have acquired a little bit of money and you are thinking about investing. So, you look into the stock market and what you see are peaks and valleys. Witness a stock market crash and your piece of paper is worthless. Your investment is gone and may never recover.

Gold or silver seem to get a big hype from time to time but how safe is this? The market fluctuates on these metals also. So, you buy a collection of coins. Now where do you put these? A safe deposit box? Or hide them in your house so you can be in the headlines of another neighborhood burglary?

Now look at real estate. Buy a single family rental, or multifamily for a down payment and have the tenants pay your mortgage investment for you. You get to sit back while your mortgage is paid for and also enjoy appreciation on your investment. Fact is that this world's population is increasing at a very fast rate and every single person needs a place to live. So there will always be a demand. The more people, the more demand. The more demand the higher the lease payments as well as the higher the value of the investment. Also, real estate is something you can always see and improve. It will always be there and pretty difficult to steal.

Richard Beckman Realty Group is the largest rental management company in Mason County. The fact is that we have more tenants in line wanting for a rental than there is product available. Again, supply and demand dictates a premium price.

If you have thought about investing in Real Estate come and talk with me. I would be happy to put my 36 years of experience to work for you. Or if you have a rental that you want managed in a professional manner, let me know. We have answers for you.

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